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Expressions of Interest began operation in the early 1990's and over the last decade we have established ourselves as the Premier Escort Service in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. With an emphasis on customer service, accurate descriptions and delivery times we enjoy one of the highest repeat booking ratios in the industry.

From the initial enquiry through to the conclusion of the appointment our friendly professional team strives to ensure that the customer's experience is as memorable as possible. Our team will provide the most accurate descriptions in the industry and realistic estimated times of arrival to ensure smooth delivery of our service to you the customer. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Try us and see for yourself !

Accurate descriptions are vital to ensure customer satisfaction. Put simply, accurate descriptions are a rarity in this industry. Whilst some companies may misrepresent their Ladies in order to secure your custom, we believe that in order to achieve long term growth and strong market share, descriptions, along with realistic arrival times, must be as accurate as possible.

If your visitor has been described inaccurately you simply cancel your appointment at no charge*.

Arrival times are realistically appraised. We do not believe in offering inaccurate arrival times in order to secure a booking. This leads to unnecessary customer frustration.

We have found that a satisfied customer quite often becomes a regular customer ! We would rather inform you that we do not have someone suitable for you tonight and maybe be able to serve you another night than send you someone inappropriate and therefore not have your custom ever again.

Please browse through our site, if you have a query do not hesitate to contact us either by email or by phone. Our friendly team are there to assist you. Try us and see that we truly want to provide the very best service for you, our valued customer. 444